The Design and Layout module is always an exciting part of the Write2 process. It is here your team see the amazing content you have been working on over the last couple of months come together visually. This always injects a new enthusiasm into the project as well.

Key Objectives

  1. To understand the importance of design for your publication.
  2. To bring together the team to discuss how the final publication will appear to its audience and lead the design process.
  3. To put in place a design suited to your final product.
  4. To identify a platform suitable for your publication.
  5. To create a publication that is suited to your content.

Resources included in this module:

  1. Checklist – info covered in the module and resources available.
  2. Guidelines – all you need to know about Layout and Design and how to create your own blog and the content to populate it.
  3. A suggested lesson plan and a blank template to create your own.
  4. Worksheets – these allow your writers to share what they understand about Layout and Design.
  5. Facilitator Monitoring Form – an opportunity to capture the engagement, achievements etc of your writers.