Editing is a great skill to develop with your team of writers, once the content starts coming. This module shows you a number of different ways to have your team of writers edit their work and the work of others.

It is always better to start the editing process when there is something for the young writers to edit. It seems obvious to do it this way, but when we started delivering our workshops, we felt editing should be in the introduction to the programme.

However, without a piece of work to edit, we opted to focus on this as we made headway and factor it in as we went, allowing the writers to put into practice the methods we suggested.

Key Objectives:

  1. To recognise the importance of editing.
  2. To implement different ways of editing.
  3. To be able to self-edit and support others with their editing.

Resources included in this module:

  1. Checklist – info covered in the module and resources available.
  2. Guidelines – all you need to know about Editing and how to encourage your writers to edit for themselves and each other.
  3. Suggested lesson plans and a blank template to create your own.
  4. Worksheets – these allow your writers to get to grips with what editing actually is and an opportunity to edit stories for themselves.
  5. Facilitator Monitoring Form – an opportunity to capture the engagement, achievements etc of your writers.