Writing for an Audience

8 September 2021

By write2

I remember one of my very first interviews was with a rapper called Proof, he was Eminem’s right-hand man. I say was, as he was tragically shot and killed a year after we spoke in his home city of Detroit. When I turned that interview in and saw it published, in my opinion, my Editor had literally ripped it to shreds and posted only a third of the content I had provided.

As my time as a journalist progressed, I realised that this editor and many others I had the pleasure of working with throughout my career had a huge respect, not only for the written word but also those people who took the time out of their days to read our stories. I like to think that this is now prevalent in the work we do as a charity. In whatever you write, your audience wants the facts, they want the information that is relevant to them. As writers, we are capable of ensuring that this need is met but if we don’t meet it our Editors, if applicable, will.

‘Trimming the meat from the fat’ has been seared into my head when writing after that Proof interview. Whether it be blog posts like this, bids, content for our websites, or even the programmes we deliver -making sure your audience knows the message you are trying to relay in your work or the point you are trying to make without having to come up with extensive conspiracy theories makes for good reading and a very happy audience.

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